KUALA LUMPUR: PMB Technology Bhd has proposed to dispose of a 6,658 sqm freehold land in Kuala Lumpur to Faithview Resources Sdn Bhd for RM37mil.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, PMB said its wholly-owned subsidiary PMB Land (Sg. Besi) Sdn Bhd had entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Faithview Resources for the land disposal.


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PMB said the proposed disposal is expected to generate an estimated one-off gain of RM1.57mil to the group. The land has a book value of RM32.96mil as at Dec 31, 2021.

It added that the proceeds from the proposed disposal will settle a bridging loan of RM21mil, RM14.5mil for working capital and RM1.55mil for expenses related to the sale.

“The proposed disposal forms part of the company’s direction to streamline the operations for the group by focusing on its core business and optimise the utilisation of proceeds as working capital for its day-to-day operating activities,” PMB said.

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